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Recently a guy has confessed his feelings for me and i am really confused about wht should I do…seee cause i am not that into him…but our vibe match…but he is a bit older…

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Hope @cureplace

if you are not into him, then pass it.

Be friends if possible but if you are not into him, it won’t work out well then.
Love happens by itself, you can not force it.




if you’re not into hin it’s over then and there.only for matching vibe please don’t accept someone’s love because in end you’ll realise you didn’t love them and the only one who’s gonna be hurt is them. pro tip don’t accept someone’s love just for the sake of not losing them because at last you’ll eventually loose them but after breaking their heart.


That one is really good

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brave stone @bravestone782...

If you really like the person’s attitude just be true to him


Maybe just go on few dates and see if things work out?

Just Me @menmarr

You should talk to him and be clear what your feelings are towards him. Our male sensors don’t work the way girls think it does. Sometimes we misunderstand the way we are treated. But being true and honest is the best way of communicating to avoid loosing someone.


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