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reason is I have been down from past 1nhalf year and poetry and writing which I see in social media have been giving me hope to believe in myself and so I’m also moving myself each day
hoping everything will be alright soon
now I was thinking to start something new for myself by which I think I can be better me ,so I’m not a writer ,but I wanna try writing in short so is it good to start writing on social media by opening a page (was thinking but not sure)

Is it good or bad thought?
Any suggestions

2 replies

Of course it’s a good idea. I assure you that that blank sheet may be the perfect mechanism to find yourself. Writing helps me a lot when I’m down, but it’s only for me, not public. In fact I believe that only I can understand those writings…

So if if by doing it you fell better and can help other people… just go ahead and good luck!😊


I think it’s a great idea! Just make sure somehow it can be linked back to you, so nobody can steal your epicness! I’d love to see some of your writer as an wishful writer myself :)


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