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Really don’t feel like talking but at the same I want somebody to care.


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Hey, if you wanna talk somewhere else and vibe… I’m here to listen to you… I will care for you even if the world doesn’t :)


Be a lone warrior, being alone is the most powerful feeling, and I know we need someone to care but self love is not easy to find. Once you know your own worth then you will not care about anyone else, though there will be a time when a person will come in your life and treat you in the best way. and trust the time you know your self worth, you can never be with a toxic man.


I really get you, it’s hard to deal with those feeling, but you know what i don’t know you and I care, I wish you luck in this hard times and you are strong enough to go through this. Sometimes life is shitty but you have to keep going hoping for a better future.🌼


@happinesssss you wanted a cuddle buddy, u cant have one right now, so here’s a song for you that will really make u feel like a cold breeze is flowing thru ur hair
I’m just so much in love with your eyes I can’t help romanticizing about you. have a good time listening to this <3