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Brinzo @brinzo

Random stream of thoughts of today.
It was a rainy day. A heavy downpour usually upsets me but this one I was enjoying. It was a festival and there was hardly anyone outside. I’m sure people were with their families and friends, having the time of their lives while there I was, walking through dirty, muddy water puddles. But I wasn’t the only one alone. I looked across the street, through a hospital’s window, to spot several patients on their beds alone. It low-key pricked me to think they would not be able to enjoy the festival, not be with their families.

That’s all. I guess I had no point?

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B @bsasiee

loneliness is scary. we feel guilty sometimes cuz we feel others are in worse situation. but it is legit to feel that you are lonely too. if u don’t feel u won’t be able to get out of it


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