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Quick doubt!

These questions have been bothering me a while, and I know I cannot be asking people of opinions or decisions I had to make. But, I believe that we all have walked different paths in life and somehow what I’m going through will be something that majority of us has faced.

So here it go, last Christmas my best friend proposed me and I said yes. We started living together from Dec to Feb and in the month of February he relocated so it’s Long distance.

After he moved things changed, he wasn’t spending much time with me, and that big change did bother me a lot. I tried communicating with him about what I was feeling but it always ended in a fight.But I always blamed the situations and I never left his side or even thought of ending the relationship. I mean it’s the long distance.

Fast forward to 1 month of Long Distance. He took a trip with his friends ( I don’t know them ). And, while he was on the trip he didn’t talk to me and I’m completely ok with it but he didn’t call and wish me on my birthday. It would take what 2 min to call? I was waiting waiting and waiting. And when I called to ask him about it he said he couldn’t call me. I was upset but I let it go.

Next day, he said he wants to end things bc he cannot be in a relationship right now bc of had financial issues with family, he needs to figure out his life and so on. I was so hurt and my mental health was down. I couldn’t sleep or eat, I’m not being productive all day. I felt like I was easy to give up, I felt used and betrayed and a lot more.

I always had hope that things will work out I understood he was stressed he blocks and then unblocks me. It’s a never ending cycle. And I have fear of being abandoned, so every time he unblocks I used to tell him that it triggers me a lot and he blocks me anyway later.

On going through all of this, today I noticed a picture of him with a girl, she was hugging him tight. I don’t normally have doubts or insecurities. But, he said he doesn’t talk to his parents , friends or anyone. He said he felt stressed on figuring out his life, he said he needs to prioritise himself and he can’t even spend 5 minutes of his day talking to me. And I’m sure the picture was a recent one from the trip.

I feel rejected and I also noticed that his best friend who was following me on Instagram has unfollowed and removed me from his followers list. Should I consider this as a official breakup and just move on?

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Wallflower @glitch57

If someone says that they don’t want us to be part of their life, it has only one meaning that THEY DONT NEED US ANYMORE. in your case I guess he actually meant that he doesn’t want to continue with this… so ig you have to take it your heart and understand that it’s over, and you have to MOVE ON(this word was the most hated and irritatingword for me 5 months ago). My breakup story was lil similar to this also not at all similar to any love stories 😅

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Wallflower @glitch57

Life happens, we learn we adapt we move forward, just remember THE RIGHT ONE STAYS, NO MATTER WHAT! . maybe he ain’t the right one, so now focus on yourself and move forward, we all love ya🤍🌸. And let’s connect if you wanna talk more


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