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Arup Nath @mrarup

Que sera sera… It means whatever happen will happen

Dont think too much n dont give fck abt every little things just go with the flow n work hard for ur dreams

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As easy as it sounds in the head…it is that difficult to not give a fuck about the things that really matters… the things that you really want for yourself but you are helpless it.
Go with the flow makes you happy for the moment and a life long regret to just go back in time and fix it for once…NO OFFENSE, SPEAKING OUT OF PERSONAL EXPERIENCE


I completely agree, that’s how I messed up so many things in my life, going with the flow is not that easy nor that good for you. Maybe we should just not put so much pressure on ourselves and that would be great


Agreed pressuring ourselves to fit in the approval of society. Trying to be a perfect person is all we are thought since we started to have sense of the world

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