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Pretty lonely. I kinda fit into weird niche of guys idk. Whenever I talk with girls or hangout with them, I’m just there for the company. Some girls got close to me but they’re always saying that I’m in it for their bodies or I don’t appreciate their bodies enough. But I’m not really into those kind of stuff right now. Yeah it nice to do and have, but I’d rather have someone to talk to and have deep conversations with about the future, goals, or even about habits.

Am I just weird or am I looking in the wrong direction.

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I’m feeling lonely alot these days too. I’m a girl who does get attention from men but it’s always for anything sexual and casual. I definitely not saying that’s not good but I always have looked for finding a person who understands me and I understand him and we can have deep conversations and the relationship is platonic. I am 20years old and I have never dated in my life, i feel I am not good enough for anyone but I have only met people who don’t want anything serious with me :( i recently stopped talking to this one guy, because he was ignoring me and when I confronted he said i wasn’t his type but why would he keep it to himself for so long? And he said that after initiating to kiss me :'( i immediately felt that I wasn’t good for him and i wasn’t his type because I was ugly and I had a shit personality :( i keep overthinking about this and I have no one to talk to, everyone pretends to be friends with me but I don’t feel I’m being myself around them and they’re never there when I need them :(


I find your request to be reasonable. You’re only 20, pardon that coming from a 23 year old, but we’re still relatively young so it’s not like we’re in a hurry or anything. I do agree with you that finding someone that understand you and your mind is crucial. I walked away from people simply because we were not compatible but it’s because we were able to have such deep conversations that I was able to understand that the relationship was not going to work out and not lead them on. I find appearances to be largely superficial. You will not look the same in 40-60 years and so it’s important to find the right person like you said because we’ll all grow old and wrinkly and it takes the right person to stay committed in those times. Thanks for messaging, I appreciate the company. 😊


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