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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam

Potent of self lies in construction of base not in destruction of base.
Stressing so much individuality is a sheer foolishness caused by self to immolate self and btw it is also a logical dysfunction as you are stressing the potent of self,which derives its potent from noises/something being,while your narrative is supposed to silence them,I mean if self is supposed to be so much enlightened/if you are betting this much on self,dont you think it should strive to navigate through noises rather than killing the noises(and eventually killing self/potent of self/base for self too)(because/anyways these noises are not merely noises but are experienced selves which people can bear to let go just like this at no cost),I mean its just a logical dysfunction to think of potent of self on the one hand and thinking of silencing its potent on the other.
A light on self should always be appreciated because it forms the base for self.Motive is to have some noises and valuable ones to be precise so that our self can be nourished better and that’s what social institutions for example families/friends are for🤗
Consider education tag aswell🤗

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