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poems ?

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even i want to listen some

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Okay here it is
The moon in her eyes
Speaks thousands of words
Sometimes it says just to know your worth…

The universe is unique
So as her eyes…
Makes you forget yourself
Just by the glance of her sight…

She struggled
She wants to fly…

When the darkness
Surrounded the night…
The moon in her eyes
enlightened the sky…

Her eyes is a speaker of her glory
Wants to tell everything with the pain of her story …

- Queen 👑
ps- I can write hindi too…but idk where are you from so it just from my draft…😅😅


Relateable ❤
I read ur poems and get connected everytime😌 Thank you✨
I know hindi 😛

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Aww thats so sweet of you…so aarz kiya hai…

हर लम्हे का
एहसास जरूरी है,
कभी किसी का वक्त,
तो कभी साथ जरूरी है।।।




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