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Avni @avni

PMS has got me in all my feels. I want cuddles but also nobody touch me, hisss! I want something cheesy,chocolaty but do Not mollycoddle me, what do you think i am a child? I watched grisly got scenes with satisfaction but i also want to bawl my eyes out over some romantic drama smh.

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Me too

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

Same here siso

Mr.psychologist @mrpsychologist

Life choti si hai…saare mazey lelo ?


I can help you out emotionally with that if you wanna be helped. Follow me on Instagram: Rabnoor.1719 and let’s have a talk… We’ll sorry your problem out together and trust me, you’re gonna be alright afterwards. 
Note: Account doesn’t have any followers cuz I’m a psychologist and I help people out on that account being anonymous


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