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plz plz .im preparing for job …encourage me support ,do anything so that i could study
Imnot at all interested.
Kya karu jisse padhai karu…
Pressurise ni hora he muje padhai me.
Do help me plz …

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You’ve got this stranger! I believe in you, you will do just fine. Remember to stay calm and relaxed while working or being interviewed.


See think of pros
You can earn your money
You can take care of your needs
And mainly its about self esteem bro. You have studied for approx 15 years. Would you want to waste that all hard work?
We never knew what could happen to us . So prepare well and attend interview.
Next think of your cons and write down


If you really want to be motivated yourself then just look your nearby societies and families closely. It will help you alot

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parhai nai to job nahi to sabke free mei taunts 🤦‍♀ job nahi to salary nahi and phirse free mei taunts 🤦‍♀ salary nahi to rishtedaar aros paros gali gali ki aunty ke never-ending sawaal and phirse free mei taunts 🤦‍♀ phir shadi wadi rishta nai to phirse taunts 🤦‍♀ kuware rahoge to taunts 🤦‍♀ shadi karke kam kamaoge to biwi/ mother in law ke taunts 🤦‍♀ phirse family ke taunts 🤦‍♀ taunts taunts taunts taunts taunts to isse acha hai parhlo kuch :')

ye hua tha desi style ka, professionally , you gotto study dude :') The only thing standing between you and your goal is the excuse you keep telling yourself as to why you cant achieve it coz trust me , the feel of guilt is more than enough for you to get back on track . you very well know that you can do much better , hai na ? nahi pata to pata karlena im telling na… trust yourself , mehnat karlo kuch , positive raho , self care self love self worth etc etc and dekho kamaal 😎


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