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Pls Help
I have never been in a relationship. But now there is a girl we went for shopping together it’s been more than 15 days we are talking to each other on calls & texts & she says she love to be around me. So now i feel like i love her & she also have same feelings for me. But now i feel like she knows my weaknesses what if she started misusing them(i believe she will not but what if) i feel it makes me very weak in front of her bcoz of it i feel like i should not move ahead but at the same time i want her to be in my life.
Please guide me through this😐

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If you have never known her before than 15 days, just forget about love and be friends with each others first, don’t rush. And yes the feelings you are having are normal, don’t worry.


Although i know her from more than 2 months but in the last 15 days we started talking to each other on a personal level before that it was just formal only


I guess it’s okay then. Build some trust. Be together, if you think your vibes match.


First of all, don’t take any hints from anyone if they aren’t saying with their chest… Be a sigma behave as you behave with other girls… If you like her, behave normally so that she couldn’t take your advantage


Ok enough laughing
So… Hey!!
Dude umm you know don’t rush I’ll say
She love to be around you not love you actually
She like your comfort zone and that’s why she love to be around you
You have never been in relationship but you have many crush isn’t it
But this one is actually talking to you so it’s hard to control your feelings
Take sometime and don’t rush on any hints she is giving or you will end up losing your friendship and then she’ll say we can still be. Friend tho
But that bond will not be same anymore so don’t rush give some time
Don’t ask her directly about relationship ask her about dating
Best of luck ❤️❤️✨


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