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Please suggest some series I can watch

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You can watch peaky blinders if you want intense, blood and fight

You can watch riverdale if you want to see something dark

You can watch two and a half men if you wanna watch something funny


Watch Sherlock , mind hunters




watch vampire diaries with all hot vampires


Wayward pines (scary, very interesting plot, actually with an interesting phylosophic idea plus action and intrugue)

Leftovers (a bit scary, the end can blow your mind, the whole 2 last seasons I just wanted to know the answer xD)

Miracle workers (perhaps something new, I was advised to watch)

Good doctor (about a brilliant young surgeon with autism)

Oldies to laugh:
Black books (I love old British humor)
The office (American version)

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Shivangini U. @shivangini_...


Ginny and georgia, modern family


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