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okay so i am talking to this guy from very long time maybe one year…we haven’t met in real life just a online friend but now i have started getting feelings for him or you can I am already too much attached to him but his behavior is soo confusing sometimes he behaves like he likes me but then he just treat me like an casual friend that’s completely frustrating.
and somehow i feel he isn’t over his ex yet…so maybe i am just his rebound person or something…
i don’t know but it’s really too much too handle now.

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It’s difficult to make decisions when you haven’t meet up in person with that guy. So, maybe meeting up in person isn’t a bad idea at all?

Idk, online relationships, friend or something else, is weird and difficult to comprehend.


I don’t mean to sound bitter, but don’t start something on a confusing note. If he isn’t giving clear signals then definitely he is confused himself. That means that he may or may not be interested in you. And maybe if he is also, even then probably not attached the way you are. If it is already too much to handle right now, imagine how it might be later when he is somewhat committed to you but isn’t fully available emotionally? You’ll be begging for his attention, and as a confused little child he won’t be able to choose or make a decision for himself. No offence just had a past relationship like this where the guy was just like this. Confused and emotionally not understanding my needs at all. That’s not pleasant because you get so involved and are not even able to break up. Just not something I would want you to through. But ultimately there’s no right or wrong because no one really knows about the future, so you need to decide for yourself. But do keep in mind, that the basic nature of people doesn’t change and if you’re doing this in the hopes that he will change later or once you start dating then I would strongly advise you to carefully consider. That’s all!


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