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please end me… please end my pain…I couldn’t take this anymore…I hate myself so much… please world… just one time…I want to see her… everyone happy and proud of me…not being dramatic…but nobody will understand…and everyone will avoid to understand…end mylife…I can’t do this anymore…they compare me… they complain what I did even though… everything I did in mylife just chasing for their trust… their love…their attention…but …I never success…so they hate me… even I tried…I can’t change myself…I can’t be better than my sisters… they would never proud of me…all I can do is… putting razor through my skin and let it bleeding…or listen to music…or write it… couldn’t think because of this… what I’ve been studied is all gone now because of depression eat it… it’s even eat half of my mind… lucky I’m still sane…

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Hey, I’m so so so terribly sorry for whatever happened to you. I know you’re in a lot of pain, and that it is taking control. But you know, this pain can go away. You need to give it a chance to go away. Take a therapist’s help. I know it feels impossible like the pain will never go away. But it is possible to get over this, and get better and feel better. Please take a therapist/psychologist’s professional help, and they will help you come out of this. Please don’t hurt yourself, I know that that’s how you feel, but you will thank yourself later for seeking help. You’re not alone, we have all been there. And sometimes we need someone else’s help to pick us up when we fall to the ground. It’s alright, we’ve all been there. We’re here to talk about it if you want to. Stay strong like you have been. You’re a good person, you don’t have to change yourself, you don’t have to be somebody else. You’re worthy, no matter what. You matter. Just take care of yourself and tell me how you’re doing, okay?


Hi. While reading your post i tried to understand how hard it must be for you. But i cant… i can just imagine. I think you must take a therapist professional help but before that you must understand that you did nothing wrong and youre not failure. You are just difrent from your sisters and thats ok. No one has the right to judg you for what you are. You decide what to be and what to do… You wrote that you were writing music. I’d be happy to hear it one day even if i dont know its yours. But thet will never happen if you give up. You must try to stay strong. I hope i helped you and you get better soon.


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