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(please check my profile to understand what I’m talking about)
I stopped writing about him during summer because I got over him eventually, but writing about him didn’t help me that much I had to try and get over him differently; (I’m finding it really difficult to talk about it now because he’s completely out of my mind).
He reached out to me several times after our last argument that lasted several months I found it hard to let him in easily and act like nothing happened because I was bothered and wanted to speak about it first and later move on, but he just kept trying in different ways to talk to me and make our conversations the way they were before. He finally concluded that it wasn’t going to work through the phone so he decided to man up and ask me to meet him in real life in order to sort things out correctly.
Coming home from that meeting feeling all sorts of ways believing that he knows what he did and will never repeat it again, accepting all his “excuses” and “explanations”; honestly I just made it work for myself no more complications ‘you know’ and it went so well, the weeks after our meeting was heavenly I started falling again but not that deep I was well aware of my emotions around him this time.
But then it started going downhill again and then I knew I had to pick myself up out of it ain’t no way I was going to sit there and watch him mistreat me and take me for granted; woke up one day out of nowhere I blocked him EVERYWHERE :).
NO explanations no nothing because to me he never deserved any of those; I took my time for a long month off of social media doing new hobbies, engaging in new activities, getting out of my room, socializing… and I didn’t find it REAL HARD TO FORGET ABOUT HIM thanks to another guy that was interested in me and I admit I went along with him just to forget more (and it worked).
The month is over, after unblocking him I explained myself, and THERE I felt it; the feeling that you get when you’re no longer interested in a person you felt like you’re never getting over. EVERYTHING I DID DURING THAT MONTH OFF WORKED! I am proud of myself to say: I AM OVER HIM. I LOOK HIM IN THE FACE AND FEEL NOTHING, TALK TO HIM AND FEEL NOTHING, HONESTLY, what did I see in him?!
[if you’re an old reader of this story thank you for sticking around I have new gossip stories coming, real update: he comes to me now from time to time for some advice so we’re not talking anymore and I treat him just like a stranger I’ll never get to see again; very lightly and briefly.]

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