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Please anyone read that niche wala post am a guy of 25 and am addicted to bla bla … I really need help …

And please no g i r l should comment … Else yaha pe bande log target kar rhe hein ki am trying to t r a p any girl here …

So only m a l e ppl try to help me if ur age is above 2 5 …atleast 2 5 age grp ppl will take me serious hence the age barrier rakha mene …agar niche wale v ho and wanna genuinely help me then do comment too .

Hope u guys can understood me and mazak maat bana dena post ko …i really need help …i want to take therapy here but am a student and have no m o n e y nor my family that rich . we r bpl ppl from odisha …and i want to do something for my fam but i am not able to get help from nyone due to lack of m. o n ey. So now me join kiya … Bas i beg here koi kuch bolo mereko kya karna he …

I wrote this below am a guy of age 25 then started saying all sort of issue .

2 replies

People are people dont feel bad about it. You will get out of it don’t worry about people.


Ppl keliye toh worried he nhi bas worried abt myself and the things am addicted to


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