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Hmmm @ankith

Placement stress: placements nhi horaha bohot dukhi hu bhai pata nhi kuch kuch samaj nhi aaraha kya karu bohot stress hai pata nhi hog bhi ki nhi kuch aacha nhu laga raha yaar . Aab tho hope bhi nhi hai ki kuch hoga. But negative mind hogya hai kya karu. Roone ka maan karta hai par roo bhi nhi sakta ladka hu na. Pata nhi life mai kuch ho bhi payega ki nhi …

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Bhai ro lo…koi baat nahii…jarur badhiya karoge aage chalke… You can handle this… Acha hi hoga… Thoda time de lo apne aap ko… Bas aaj ki thodi anxiety h… Kal tumko lagega ki arey yaar i was worried about this day and i wrote here…

Hmmm @ankith




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