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Period’s should never be taken as a joke by any guy’s

Whenever u see any woman around u facing a period problems u should always go towards her and help her out in such situations by buying and giving her pads or else cover her periods with help of cloth or jackets this small help can give her huge relief from her pain and she will feel comfortable and she will feel happy & confident in public places

Never make fun or laugh on any woman whenever they face such problems because not a funny thing
It very painful moments for them
Ur laugh can make her feel even more shame and she will lose her confidence to avoid that let’s start helping women and make feel free from her pain so that she can feel confident always around it should make her feel that there good caring people around her in public places to help her out and give her confident 🎉🎉

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Well that’s true buddy wanna get connected and talk more

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Krish @khemdev

Sure 😊

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Krish @khemdev

And most important thing is for healthy pregnancy woman has to face periods time to time periods is actually good sign of healthy future pregnancy for women if she doesn’t get periods time to time she might face problems during pregnancy or might not able to be pregnant without it

So in sort there nothing to feel shame it’s natural thing can happen anytime anywhere all we have to his support them in such situations by help her out as a true gentleman


Yeah very true coz the pain, cramps and stuff during the periods makes the girl or the women very exhausted, tired so need to be cared very special and taken care tooo in that time also and even in day to day life tooo…

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