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Avni @avni

People supporting Kabir Singh by saying the character is a depiction of so many of us and that the girl is consenting of the actions and the emotions are pure and pious etc etc. Your reasonings support the uproar all the more. Kabir Singh IS a depiction of so many of us and that should essentially act as a mirror for society and not an excuse to let the abuse pass as romance. Yes the girl was consenting but she was also younger than him, ordered to do certain things by him as her senior and quite frankly, she is the epitome of girls being led astray which happens a lot. Anger issues, substance abuse etc is not an excuse for abuse to happen. Regardless of reasoning. the movies is less about love but more about brute force and manipulating someone in the name of love. I cant believe i get so worked up over these issues but as a female to other females, we have to stop idiolizing this brooding, maniac, forceful masculine archetypes.

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Ugh that movie


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