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People do say forget bad memories even if we forget it.
What about the person who had make that memories bad.
That person is living his/her life to the fullest without any complications in his/her life.

Do Tell if you agree to this and share your thoughts with others

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suraj kumar @008sr

I agree!! But we should also start a fresh!! Because this life is too short !! Start living your precious life!! Your every moment is precious because no one knows what will happen tomorrow!!


The thing is , we shouldnt care about them. We should care about us. Wo khush hai hume dukhi karke then why should we give them more happiness by staying sad and complaining. Instead we should look after ourselves and make ourselves happy . Hume khush dekhke wo jale to baat hai na.


Yeah this sounds good but some or the other day this is goona remembered


Beleive me the law of karma is works perfect.

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