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People always say β€œyou’ll find your purpose”. But what is a purpose? I’m never gonna get into a good college, I don’t have very many friends, and I’m not pretty. Is my purpose just gonna be me sitting outside in the cold homeless? If so I don’t want to live.

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Your purpose is defined by you. Its whatever you want it to be. Now dealing with this takes time, experimenting, taking risks, failing, and getting back up. Maybe you don’t need a β€˜purpose’.

For me the important thing is to take the pressure off yourself. Just live day by day. Stop thinking about next week and tomorrow, because they haven’t happened yet and you’ll never know until you know.

Everybody is different and the most difficult thing about a question like this is that only you have the answer. You know what interests you, you know what the heart desires.

Most importantly, let go of hopes and dreams. You will only be disappointed. If you achieve your dream, where do you go from there? If you don’t achieve your dream you will spend your life believing you’re a failure not worth a grain of salt.

I know people who have achieved their dreams, they are not happy. They are just as lost. Happiness isn’t out there. Learn to live like a king, be comfortable where ever you are.

For me Transcendental meditation is a great step to take and helped me greatly to slow my thoughts down. Giving me a clearer perspective about myself. What I love, what makes me content.

I have wasted a lot of my time, but I don’t let it stress me out because it doesn’t matter anymore. The choices I made, the life I have lived, I did what I wanted to at the time. I can’t blame myself for that, I can only work with what I have today and now.

I wish this helps you, just know that there will always be moments in your life where you feel this way, its just how deal with it and the internal conversation you have with yourself in those moments. That makes it easier to deal with.

You can achieve peace of mind and not living in constant hate of yourself. There’s always a way out :) Have a great day my friend.


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