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Mubashir @writer

Pearl Beloved

Where I will find you
in millions of rain drops
You pearl drop of rain
🌧 writer is feeling pain
While writing your name
In the game of rain
It is raining in her own mood
While I was toward the road,
This rain is also amazing, it doesn’t stop
She often gets wet but does not take the name of smiling
She cries out for love
does not even take the name of beloved
The rain is also wonder ‘Mubashir’
She remembers and then forgets everything
I often live in your memory
In this fast rain
Sometimes I look at the pearl drops,
sometimes I follow in your footsteps
This always happens me in the rainy season
When the fog blocked my Vision
I gaze and gaze but
Fogs plays bad role
that time with me
Iam eager to see you beloved
Your images in pearl drops I have loved
✍Writer Annunciator
©Mubashir Rehman Pedhar

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