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Passing through my young teens. And have been a really nice student upto my previous session but this corona and online class thing has destroyed my schedule. Yea, you guessing right it is me who is not so disciplined now. Eg, I get recordings of my class and now I am running 1 week behind than everyone is. I am not just able to get on the track and be really obedient, I don’t feel like being too good. Which lowers my score and brings too much anxiety! Everything seems really tough even tho it should not be when I am just 15

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Simran @st1199


This pandemic has created a lot of tension in the air and being used to sitting at home, we have changed our habits and schedule. We don’t tend to do things which we used to do everyday before this Coronavirus came in.

You are not alone in this. Having classes daily, sitting infront of the laptop can be tiring. Take a week to analyze what you are missing on and how you can get it back with some changes in the schedule. You don’t like this yourself much and want to be on track, right? So, take it easy and in the meantime think what all could be done to make it better because it’s going to be a long journey.
Take out time for yourself, talk to friends, cook, watch TV/NETFLIX and enjoy. When you feel satisfied with you are doing you automatically would want to study harder again.

Happy thinking my friend! :)

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Pranjali @pranjalihanda


Really really thankful, it seemed PERFECT how you said it. Gonna work 💞

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Simran @st1199


I do these myself, what could be better than telling about your own experience?! ;)

Yes. Try your best. It will surely workout.


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