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Rex Wrter @gaeds

Passing through a gate of encounters
And slowly moving forward to where the path leads you
I see a light at the end
That I don’t feel any closer to
Thinking about the world around us
I almost can’t explain what we are
The stars in the night leads to sorrow that is brought by the cold wind
It can’t be so easy
To get through all of it at once
It was a game, I thought to my suprise…

Today too, I wanted to embrace
The me thinking love is only great when it is for you
But again, what is it anyway?
Rushing to see what I thought
Was the only reason I had to survive
With the visage of my face
And all the blood I have drained
Blending in with the twilight sky
I can almost feel the way my feelings have intertwined
And how it just leaves me to vanish

Is what I wrote by the end of the day.
This is not a poem about two people.

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mizuhara @mizuhara

Beautiful ❤️


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