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Part 5
Now whenever I put forward any further education I want to pursue she just denies me . Whenever I try to grow she cuts me off then how am I supposed to grow ?
I’m so much caught up in these thoughts that I’m not able to focus on myself ,on my career on anything else .
We all take our time to learn things don’t we?
Then how is my slow learning wrong ?
She always keeps complaining about me so much that I feel defeated whether I would do something in life or not .
Once she told me I have come to destroy this house . I’m just a liar to something I gave my swear on .I start crying at minor emotional inconvenience because I’m not able to heal .I’m stuck at one place.
When my dad tries to interfere they both fight because of me . I feel guilty for being the reason of these fights. I don’t want their relationship to ruin because of me .

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I’m already having a job .


How old are you? Cause I’m living everything that u have written …and I want you to know…all kids like us can do is grow up get out of that kind of household…and unlearn all the toxicity and hate for self they imbibed in our minds and hearts…we just gotta be strong…in turbulent waters …which would take a long long time…but u aren’t alone


So true to its point .
Thank you for understanding me and my pain . I know we are stronger than this and will fight this off .
It’s kind of generational trauma .
The thing my grandma inflicted on my mother is what she is inflicting. But quite less . I could never bear what she withered .


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