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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam

Parents might be harsh/might be felt harsh sometimes and it should be in our being to not place them at disadvantage and it calls for navigation of their place and granting them their place considering their love and contributions towards us as if you would consider of a stranger.its just this that we put a lot of expectations on parents and it leads to disappointment but if start inculcating this practice of evaluating their contributions as if you would evaluate of a stranger,you would surely know that they deserve very much a place in the word family.i am not saying that you should be devoid of expectations arising out from seeing their social peers but I am stressing that you shouldn’t harness this much antagonism that you start to misjudge their place this much that you start putting them out of the word family.I mean family is still there,good or a little bit falling sort from good and you would know it when/if you start comparing their contributions/love to a mere stranger.

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