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Pandemic has changed my life,my perspective, my way of thinking. It had got into depression. My friends, who had been with me for 12 years have changed. It did hurt a little but I lost trust in everyone around. I was not been able to share what I feel and what I actually want. I have been crying alot these days and the past few months. No one knows about it, not even my mom. My mom is being indifferent to me these days. I canโ€™t help it. And I donโ€™t feel comfortable around my friends, they donโ€™t consider me as their friend anymore and calls me only when they require. But I am moving on. As days went by, I came to a realization that there was only one friend who was with me that I took no notice. She was there to listen to me. She understands me. She was there for me. But now I am alone again. Not because she left me but because she is ill and I donโ€™t want her to feel stressed so I donโ€™t talk much to her. Being alone, sometimes itโ€™s nice. But being alone even when people are around you, kills you deep within. I am having difficulty in believing in myself and other. I donโ€™t have trust on me anymore. Itโ€™s so stressful

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Soon you will realise itโ€™s all on us no oneโ€™s there to help even when you have done a lot for them in the end we all end up alone hoping to find someone


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