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Avni @avni

Owing to family issues i have started working because i couldnt stand being a financial burden on my family especially when they are going through a turbulent time and when our future just doesnt look good. Sometimes life gives us hard lessons in the harshest of ways. I am an overachiever which may or may not reflect outside but the job ensures my financial independence but pays peanuts. I couldnt believe i have to slave so much for a bare minimum but i guess thats how you learn to respect the value of hard earned money and humility of character and so i try to appreciate where i am. Its hard but i am trying to find a positive in this.

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I am 22 now and I am done with my education and at that point where i don’t like asking my parents for money at all. It feels like a burden.


i rlate to dis so much

Khushboo @khushboo


It’s very good that you are becoming independent now and providing financial support to you and your family as well. Always strive for big and work hard to achieve more. All the best.

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