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Overwhelmed by the uncertainty of things around me. There are things that you try to achieve, but then you wonder if it’s worth the effort. Should you give it a shot or should you let it go? I know that most of the suggestions will lean towards giving it a shot. But, what if it’s emotionally taxing and there is no logical conclusion you can arrive at? It’s

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If this ‘goal’ you trying to archive leads you to something that will make YOU happy. Then why the fuck not. If you really in your heart feel like “I really want to do this” do it. You only learn from your situations. I mean I became friends with a boy from my class yesterday who have been treating me very bad but we had a v good friendship too. My reason to be friends with him again was i didn’t want the awkward vibe when I’m w him and our friends. Also I wanted peace in my life. Also not only that last time w fought I did something disrespectful towards him too. I felt it would be the right thing to be friends w him again. But who knows it was maybe a huge mistake. The only thing I can do now is to let it be and let see what will happen, whatever happens happens and you can’t do anything about it. Life doesn’t give us what we always want and life doesn’t go as we plan, the only thing we can do about it when that happens is to keep going in life, even if it’s harsh. Just keep going in life. Take day by day and just look forward. Don’t stay and don’t look back!


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