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Tae @taeju

Overthinking is something that always gets the best of me, peopt tell me to stop overthinking…but they don’t tell me how , I eventually start getting anxious and end up laying on the bed…I always overthink about my future , and I feel like everyone is going to leave me eventually, can someone help me control this behaviour of mine…I feel like it is getting out of hand

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Start taking actions.
Do different things even if you dont feel like doing it. Just do it.
Set goals for yourself short term goals and after achieving your goals reward yourself for that. That will keep you motivated for doing more.
Be consistent in whatever you are doing.
You will see the change

Shweta @shweta123


U are the only person who can control it…
Just let it come and go dont think again and again about it…
It needed write it down get it out of ur system and may b it wont bother… But still try what u feel bst…

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