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(Online) school is overwhelming. I’m not happy—I am but not in everything. I’m not happy with school. I’m not happy with my parents. I’m not happy with our financial status. I’m not happy with how things are right now. I should work hard and get out of here, but it’s very difficult. I don’t even want to lift a single finger. I am hopeful but it also feels like I’ve given up ages ago. It’s difficult when I know something doesn’t make me happy, I always end up running away. I don’t want to be sad, I don’t want to do something that will stress me out, I want to be kind to myself. Some things aren’t right. I wish I had money, that would solve most of my problems. It’s so difficult.

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Nish09 @nish09

Dear, i can understand what you’re feeling. ? Hav u tried weiting down or noticing what you already have. Some1 out there might be dreaming to b innur place. Count ur blessings. Be grateful for watevr u hav. Just think of ppl less fortunate than you…may be financially or with ill health or permanent disability.
With time…as u keep afloat, study , work passionately > things wil surely cahnge for better.
Al d best



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Nish09 @nish09

I wish u good luck.
Prioritize & perform ur tasks step by step…gradually. U don’t hav to accomplish evrything once at a time.
Don’t over think.
Develop a pos+ mindset.
Ur Attitude defines ur attitude 👍🏼


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