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one year and nine months later
after all these mondays spent out of his life, someone will speak his name ,
someone will mention it casually, ask him if you know him, and you will struggle to hold in a laugh stained with tears because, oh boy do you know him?
you know him a little too well, a lot too well, and isn’t that the tragedy?
you are asked if you know him and your mind flies headfirst into the past and lands harshly on a memory, like a bird with a broken wing crashing into a window.
he does not realize that to love you would be to let you escape, and perhaps that was his biggest mistake.
you still remember, one year and nine months later, every single thing he did.
so when you are asked if you know him you feel only regret.
so you chuckle a little, lift your head up and say “once upon a time”, with a smile. there’s no point acknowledging how much you loved him then.
after all, your wings have healed now.

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4 replies

This is beautifully put, and so relatable. Gives me goosebumps and a vivid flashback :')


so beautifully expressed. got me in tears.

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...




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