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One of those days when I’m feeling so insecure about myself. It’s like everything in life now has to be based on MY decision and there is no real safety anymore. Till the time you’re in school/college, it’s easy because you have some authority above you and you have a clear path to follow and you know what you have to do. But once that is over, shit gets real af. Everyone is leading their own lives, no one cares about what the other person is doing. Everyone is caught up in their own lives and there is literally no one you can fall back onto. You’ve all that you’ve got. Yes I have a loving family BUT still, I’ve to take all the decisions myself and make a life for myself. Sometimes it feels lonely and you realise that no one actually cares about you. People are just there.

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Haven’t related to something so much in a while.


i’m not going to deny that, because it is very true. BUT, reality isn’t that dark and gloomy either. if you feel scared right now, it’s okay. it’s fair and normal to go through this because honestly, this is a new, real phase of your life. and none of your friends will care, and they’re not supposed to either because after all, they’re also pretty much your age. which means they also have that limited time window to prove their worth. (supposedly)
if you’re lucky, you will have supportive parents and few close friends who will genuinely look out for you, in your best interest. however, it is actually in your hand to take your life and make it the you want to, and that’s so great right? the freedom to have the life of your dreams. it’s like choosing your life, the way when we were kids and used to play doctor-doctor or teacher-teacher. it’s the same way

Anant @anant

Just think about yourself and no one elseeee.


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