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One of my family members are admitted In the hospital due to covid.
It has made me so hollow inside out. I feel so lonely. There is literally not a single person I am being able to connect to. Everything feels so different.


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It’s just a matter of sometime, it’ll be fine soon. Don’t worry and stay strong. This is testing period, don’t let it eat you.


I know man.
But keeps getting lonelier.


You don’t have to feel lonely, you can talk to people here.

Hi there!
Recently I lost a family member. I feel your pain, and I want to tell you, humans are fragile beings. They come and go. The thing is, you need to have memories that you can look back at and smile. I can see that you deeply care about this person. Try to think of the time you guys spent together, all the memories. A person is only gone when they are forgotten.
However I believe that since doctors are now more experienced with covid, there is still hope.
Best of my wishes, don’t lose hope💕


My condolences and thoughts are with you.
Sending wishes, peace and care.

Thank you💕



I might get this feeling of loneliness. Sometimes I really feel like I can’t confide in anyone and am petrified with fear of dealing with my thoughts alone. But take time for yourself, do something that makes you think positively even if it’s a very simple thing, cry if you need to. Express what you are feeling and don’t keep it in you or it’ll become a more pounding feeling.

I have come to realise that taking the first step by saying “I don’t feel good” to someone is already super helpful. It’s a simple phrase that doesn’t require much effort. The conversation unravels from there and it can help you unwind and see things in another point of view. Writing on this website is already an amazing initiative!

I wish your family member the best and hope they recover fast. Stay strong and tell yourself that you’ll make it through these bad times. It’s okay to feel lost. It sucks but it’ll get better.


What a beautiful piece of writing man! Thank you so much.
Hope all is fine at your place and may you have a good day!
Thank you so much.
Also, whatever you are feeling today, I’m with you. Let me know if I can help you anyway!!❤️


aw thank you dude, I’m doing better.
I’m glad I was able to help!

Don’t worry he/she will get well soon


Thank you so much Jay.
Hope everything is fine at your place. Take care!

Yeah we are fine here