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One night I had an argument with my brother when he wasn’t really sober. He said a lot of hurtful things and I just kinda laughed it off thinking he didn’t really mean what he said. He got really upset and tried to hit me. He said he didn’t want me in his life anymore. We haven’t really talked in months except when he has something rude to say. I use to talk to him about so many things and I’m just really sad and whenever I think about him or I’m around him I can’t be happy. He never has anything positive to say and he’s always so rude to me. I tried apologizing and he never answered me. I have to go spend 2 weeks with him and I know it’s going to be terrible because when we are together nothing is ever fun and I always end up crying, upset, and alone because my family loves him so much and thinks it’s my fault.

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every thing will be alright don’t worry


Hey dear , relax . I understand it will be tough for you but you will be able to do it . You are wonderful and it doesn’t matter that even if family thinks it’s your fault . You know that it’s not your fault. As you already tried to apologize , and it didn’t work out . So, it’s okeyy whenever he is around, just focus to yourself , feel positive ,look to positive things and i am sure you will be able to do it with positivity .

Just try to focus on yourself . You will be able to do it .

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I will be happy to talk to you or make you feel better .


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