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One day everything I love will be gone. First will probably be my sister. I’ve always been her best friend, even though we have a massive age gap. But one day she’ll get a husband, settle down, and have kids. Those kids will be her everything, she’ll be too busy to do stuff with me anymore, and she’ll be gone. Then my dogs. Two of them, Luna and Laci, they’re young tiny dogs now but dogs don’t live forever. Then my mom, my best friend. It’ll be a long, rainy, sad day. “I’m sorry to inform you but your mother has passed.” And then everyone will be gone.

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Shreya Gupta @shreya

It is true that nothing lasts forever. But nor does pain. Why do you think your sister getting married as a loss? Look at it as a gain. You will get a bro-in-law who will be like a friend to you. Then one day you will be an aunt to cute children and they are going to love you so much.
One day you will get married too and have a loving husband and children. So even if down the line you lose some people who you love (that’s inevitable), you will also gain people who will love you.


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