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Pallavi @p3phalke1

Once upon a time in the month of February and the year of 1990 I was born in Raleigh North Carolina USA then a month later we made the move to Las Vegas Nevada. For the past 30 years I have lived there until I had to move away in 2014 where life brought me to Arizona with my dad! I don’t like it because my mom is in Nevada all by her self! I have a sister and she is in Louisiana for her residency for being a surgeon. We have a little dog named Tessa who stays with me! I have had 7 years of sadness! I just can’t do this anymore! Being without her in another state is oh so sad! This is been going on for 7 years and it’s time to move back home for a fresh start of life! I just can’t stand it in Arizona because it just hurts too much to be without my mom! I feel empty without her and so does my poor heart!

Sleepiness and pain!

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Being 30 yrs old, what is stopping you to meet your mother. She is your mom and inform all that you need to tell before going there politely and go there and live with her and spend every second with her with lots of joy and fun. Write the moments that you spent with her show her when you met.

Remember how many people lost theirs dad and mom in last 20 months. Lucky you them. Find something which makes her more happy and feels good, and give her that.

Pallavi @p3phalke1

You don’t understand

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Thank You. I wish you good luck and god bless you…


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