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Prachi @prachi

OMG I"M SO ANNOYED AT MYSELFF !!! ONLINE SHOPPING IS NOT EASY IT IS A FKN PAIN IN RHE ASS. I’ve spent hours, no days trying to find what I like. MOREOVER I’m such an idiot, in my tired state I ordered one box of lenses thinking it is a pack of 6 when it was a pack of one! AND OMFG I now have to pay extra delivery plus taxes to get the same thing whereas buying them both together would have been the cheaper alternative. I"M SO DONE I JUST WANT TO SMASH A VASE OR SOMETHING INTO A MILLION PIECES. Maybe I should go to one of those destruction room things that are being offered nowadays where you can just go and break stuff. That might be nice. AND OMG what is up with retailers sending you bogus vouchers/coupons etc. I MEAN HAVE A FKN HEART. Either don’t promise a discount, or at least live up to it sans the itty bitty tiny print terms and conditions. FKN DOUBLE STANDARDS MISER IDIOTS URGHHGHGHHGGHHHG
What I don’t believe is how much my rage has cooled down from beginning to write this rant up till here. 10/10 will recommend for all my angry friends. Really calmed my heart down . #notanad hahaha

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hahahahahahaha first world problems!


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