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Deepender @deepsharma21

Okii, here is my story :) i have a really big circle of friends but I’m not close to anyone, Please suggest me something kii mere kuch bhot ache dost bann jaye ya frr bs mujhe ek ladki miljaye jiske sathh m sachme apni dill ki baate rakh skuu…💔 Ab bhot heavy feel hota h…dost h but kuch bta nhi skta unhe…

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Tia✨ @tia_rt

Fix ur relationship or friendship with urself… U can’t get close to anyone unless u r closest with urself… Don’t relay on people… Not anyone will gonna walk with u at the end not even parents how could u hope from anyone else how.?? Ask urself…?? U have to be with urself always firstly… Stop finding out here and there… I would like to show u reality… About urself… That u even don’t know who u r… Want u want… And so much… Try to understand urself… It’s not gonna happen in a day it’s a time taking process… U have to sit with urself… Ask, write understand…
And u can’t be happy with anyone in this life if u r not happy with urself… Mark my word!!

Deepender @deepsharma21

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