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Okey hi!
I really want to take this thing out of my brain.
My bestfriend likes me and I like him ( but not utna jitna Vo karta hai ). Today we were out, so I started talking about the fact that we should date or not. So, he said he wanted something forever. So, according to me, forever means something which lasts long for a lifetime or something but according to him, forever wasn’t forever forever but a period of time.
And we accidentally kissed today! It fucked up more. Now I don’t know what to do ? 🤧

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Just take your time out and decide what you want to do that to take further or not thing’s


It’s totally okay you had a moment. But you’ll have to decide what you want in this, cause your forever and his forever isn’t the same, and that will cause more problems. So just take your time and talk it out. Its okay if things don’t work out.


Firstly usko puchlo ki usko kya chahiye?
Serious chahiye ya fir just casual/timepass !!
Have to be clear on your ways, baad mein hurt hi hona hai !

Jaldi smjlo ye chiz jyda better h…
Sorry to say in this way, but logo ne pyaar ka mzakk bna dia hai !!

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Addy @spartan_adictus

You both need to hash out what you need. Also casual relationship are toxic. If ever one of you get serious and the other one isn’t, toh aage jaake there’s going to be a lot of crying involved. Take a stand. You either want it or you don’t. Close your eyes and blank your mind. Ask yourself again if you want to be invested in the relationship or not. Whatever comes to your mind 1st is your wish. Anything coming after that are excuses. I’m just suggesting. Choice, at the end of the day, is yours. Hope it helps you. Keep smiling 😊 Love❤️

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Shubham @shubham1310

Dude u kissed mns it’s both way na. Just call him. Meet him kiss again nd say I love you.

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