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okay so what if you’re flawed? so what if you’re a lil chubby? so what if she’s a lil more pretty? so what if you’re not as good as her? does that make you less important? does that make your worth a little less than hers? no. no it doesn’t. you’re enough the way you are. i feel as if this line has become such a cliché that people forget how important it is to remind people that they matter so much. it doesn’t matter if you wear make up because no one will think of you as a cliche cheerleader mean girl. it doesn’t matter if you’re not like the protagonist in the book you just finished, because that does not mean that you won’t get any happiness. you are you and you dont have to force yourself to become something else or anything just so you can be more enough than before. nothing decides your worth, we’re all worth the same and we’re all flawed anyways. internal flaws, external flaws, visible flaws, not visible flaws? flawed anyways?

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I love this :')


Needed to read this.

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

absolutely love this.

Khushboo @khushboo

Firstly , be yourself.  Don’t try to change ourselves and accept what you are. Being chubby or not pretty doesn’t describe us . But our focus and goals define us better. I loved reading your lines. 
Realising your worth is more important rather than changing yourself.


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