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Okay so today was my english test and i did very bad in it. Now my teacher expects very much from me and she checks my paper 1st and i think she will me mad at me and i will get very low marks and she is going to humiliate me in front of the classs. I hate it very much
She is going to hate me now and i will feel bad and i will receive bad marks

Post anonymously?

Hey! I just don’t like the fact how teachers who are supposed to encourage us to do better, does the opposite. I think.this is so wrong on their part.

Why don’t you meet your teacher in person and tell.her that you’re struggling to score good marks, tell her that you need help and guidance and that you don’t like when you are just being insulted infront of your batchmates rather than her correcting you and providing you with constrictive critisism.

All I want you to know that your marks don’t define you and certainly know that you’re trying your best to score good. Please don’t loose hope and keep working hard and try to be vocal about the things which you can’t do yourself. Don’t be afraid to seek help and assistance.
All the best! 🌻🌻🌈🌈🌈🌈


oh mate I totally understand. I did so badly in my last english test I cried. You teacher sounds very nasty. Is there a way you can change classes or tell the principle about her being biased in marks?