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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.
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Lia @leelia

okay so this is like a health question, pls don’t scare me. So everytime i climb up my school stairs i feel so out of breath once it’s over that i start feeing like im going to run out of breath and then i start feeling like pressure in my head and then i get dizzy and everything goes black for a few seconds, i have to sit down looking down for it to stop. Also i’ve always been really sensitive to exercise, like i almost never do it but for example, once in my p.e class we had to run in groups, i couldn’t stop running although i felt like i couldn’t keep going anymore bc if i stoped all my group would fail so i kept running and then when i stoped i felt out of breath like i always do but it lasted like 3 hours all i did was cry and i thought i’d have to call my parents to come pick me up ( idk if it was all in my head cuz i mean i was breathing, i would’ve been death if i wasn’t lol) now i just really can’t run, i can’t do cardio to work out bc then i feel like these weird feeling of chocking in my throat and i stay feeling out of breath for hours, i don’t think it’s normal. What could it be? pls again, don’t u dare scare me okay? cuz i get rlly bad anxiety from this kind of stuff.
( sorry 4 spelling mistakes i have dyslexia and english isn’t my 1st language)

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Revati @revati_123


hope you are doing well.😊
I have tried to write everything in such a way that it does not trigger your anxiety but if in case it does feel free to stop reading my comment then and there.
so firstly, I am very proud of you for understanding that something is off and addressing it. so kudos to that πŸ‘πŸ‘
second of all, are you drinking water properly? because at times this can happen because of less water intake too. so try to keep your water intake proper.
also, if this has been a problem for quite a time now why don’t you discuss it with your family members, or if you feel comfortable take it up with your doctor as a casual thing.
many times this can also happen because of lack of sleep, food, or water or also because of a disturbed life cycle. try to keep everything proper and from time to time for a couple of days and if this problem still persists you can take it up to your family or to your doctor.

hope this helps.
lots of love, light, and strength to you!❀️✨


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