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Okay so me and my boyfriend me day before yesterday and usually he doesn’t but that day he happened to go through my Instagram chats in front of me only and then he saw these old chats with one of my old friends before dating and he said that it looks like it was a talking stage with him and I told him that nothing is there. He’s thinking like this but he was just a friend to me and he said sure and then he just went home and say anything I called him like 10 times But he didn’t pick up and then all he said that is that I’m fine. Nothing happened. It’s common in this generation so I’m like what is common in this generation I mean it’s not like I talk to him after I got into a relationship it was way before relationship and he was just a friend. Maybe you are misunderstanding it as a talking stage, but it’s nothing like that and then he’s been acting so weird. In fact yesterday we had a one year anniversary And he did not even come to meet me. We had a date plan. He said that he doesn’t feel like meeting me and I was so hurt because how can someone not even wish or come to meet their girlfriend on their one year anniversary and when I tried to discuss him that what happened he said nothing happened he just doesn’t feel like meeting me and today as well. I tried to ask him the same question but what happened and he said that I am irritating him and that nothing happened. He just doesn’t feel like meeting me he always does this I mean I’m the one who is trying to communicate and he always tend to hide his feelings. I mean if he did feel hurt or something he could’ve just told me and I would have explained myself further but instead he just made up some sort of conclusion in his mind towards me, and then he’s like yeah everything is fine and I’m the one who is keep asking him what happened just tell me because I don’twant any argument with him but he’s not even telling me and then when I asked him again to meet me today he denied as well. So what do you think I should do?

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