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Okay so I’m new here and speaking of my past long term relationships they have been traumatic, both the guys cheated on me. Post which i have major abandonment issues, i get stressed and irritated easily. Im in a relationship right now and the guy im with is super sweet and understanding but at times i feel like i put too much burden on him with my trust issues (ps its not like he has been perfect he too had lied various times and deleted chats behind my back. But being in that constant state of not knowing whats going on or if it will happen again) going through all these emotions of my past kills me inside so i choose to push people away. My current bf tells me he hasn’t cheated on me and never will but his actions have made me question the whole relationship. I love him but i dont know why i feel like i have all these insecurities and abandonment issues from the past. What do i do with this constant stress and irritated outbursts + anxiety? :(

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Krunal S. @krunal_shah

I understand your situations.Hope,you have right friend but you can enjoy & will be happy only if you don’t compare your thoughts,actions of past bf with the present one.

Take it easy and enjoy every moment of your life

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You should talk with him more. Explain your doubts with him. Just pondering about these things will make your relationship worse

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Abhijeet A.K @akabhi

Talk to him and try to slove it and know him very well so that u can take up ur relationship further… Don’t hurry in a relationship


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