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Okay so… I need you guys help… I have this boyfriend we have been together for a month and so, when we first met(online) we used to live an hour away from each other and even tho that was a thing we would hang out online all the time like discord, movies, videogames a lot more stuff, then we hung a couple of times, everything was great. We both knew I was moving for college… but we still decided to give a relationship a try… now we live 2 hrs and 30 min away from each other… he works crazy hours so I understand he can’t give me attention 24/7 but he just seems gone. This has been going on even before I moved away. The week before i moved he said he was working all day except for the weekend that he had asked off because of an event that he had. But then out of nowhere he was like on one of the days oh no they called me in, and when I asked he was just like oh I had off but they called me in I just found out today. I asked him if he had backed off how he felt and he still said he still wanted to try, he did start calling me baby again but that’s about it. Now he barely texts me, this past day that he had off completely ignored me, no text no nothing just to say he was going with his friend.
I really don’t know what to do, I like him but I feel we had a better relationship when we were friends… like we would spend more time together even if it was online we would still call each other and text… now not so much. A part of me wants to end it and just go back to being friends, the other part wants to stay with him… what do you guys think?

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Tell him how are you feeling abou the situation:)


Send him a message or call him don’t be shy you guys are in a relationship. In my own opinion, its better to stay as friends. I am saying this in what i know. My friend had a boyfriend like that he went to university which is located in another country and lockdown came and he is still stuck there. But at first they were friends then start talking everyday and they became a couple. After he left for school, he hardly texts back and said he was busy etc etc but then i saw a picture of him in a old classmate acc he was enjoying himself out with his friends and some other people i know from the school they were saying they always hang out and play games and go out and drink but i didn’t tell it to my friend coz i didn’t know their relationship was getting bad and i don’t see the reason why i should tell her coz its not my bizz. Then one day my friend came clean and told me everything and i advised her to call him tell him what she feels its okay to express her feelings coz they are in a relationship but it was a fail. Her calls never went thru and i told her leave him a message. She left him messages but he only read them and no reply. Then after few days i saw my old classmate’s acc they went out again. Then my friend told me the next day he replied saying he was busy with his studies and all. And i was having a hard time like should i tell my friend he is lying or keep my silence coz its not my business coz who knows maybe he is really busy and just went out for a fresh air and got photographed with the people i know. After a week they went back to normal but sadly after 2 days they went back to square one. Then i saw him again they went on a picnic with my old classmates then i pity my friend coz she was deteriorating and i told her i saw him out with his friends all the time he says he is busy. She then decided to stay as friends and its been 2 months he no longer reply back or call and my friend has moved on and last week my friend told me he messaged back saying how is she, he was busy etc etc then found out she already has a bf he didn’t seem to care and lately he messaged asking her if he still have the chance. So in my opinion he is fed up with the wild life and is missing how he feels when he was dating my friend. And they are now contacting each other as friends. So i think its better to be friends coz idk why hold on to something that it doesn’t bother to make it work?


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