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Okay so I need help, I had this old close friend he was so close that my whole family knew him,I had a very good connection with him now 2 years ago idk in a flow we had this sexting n stuffs and i apparently was a kid back then so I didn’t know what’s wrong and what’s right,I told my parents about him sexting me cuz I was so done w it,it all created issues and somehow things ended and our frndship also,now few days back I saw him and I hope I never told anyone about us se ring cuz I really hope I could still speak to him but he told me that now we ain’t gonna talk :) I don’t know what to do now pls help me with this I really hope we could still continue speaking

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I guess it will be more messy if you both become friends again…maybe it would be better if you and him remains separated…because your parents know that what happened between you and him…

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