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Okay so I kind of have a problem. I’ve had this friend since elementary school, she’s got a boyfriend, well, used to. They had been together for like 4 years but were constantly on and off, breaking up and getting back together all of the time, he cheated on her 5 times and on the 6th he asked her to have an open relationship to which she accepted despite not wanting one just because he threatened her to break up if she didn’t so foolishly she said yea because “ I love him and i don’t want him to leave me” she said. They had a terrible an extremely toxic relationship, she’d always come to me crying and complaining about him yet constantly get mad whenever i told her what i really thought (that he’s an a**hole she should dump, but in nicer words) saying im jealous. A few months ago we met up after a long time and she kissed me so we kind of made out, she initiated the kiss ( was my first proper kiss, ironically my first not so proper kiss, a peck on the lips was also with her years ago,but that’s a whole other story) Later after that we didn’t talk about it, like anytime anything weird happened between us she’ll always act as if it never happened. I didn’t know by then she was on an open relationship so i felt bad thinking i helped her cheat, but not rlly cuz tbh that dude kind of deserves it. Anyway long story short, they’ve broken up now and i think she’s making a move on me, again. But i’m afraid this is just like every other time. They break up for a few weeks and get back together. I’m not into this. Also as a friend i’m concerned she can’t see how toxic the relationship she’s in is and how long ago she should’ve dumped him for good, isn’t it humiliating for her to let a man make fun of her like that and use her? what should i do?

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