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oops @whodis

Okay so I am in a relationship which is 2 years long. I am an introvert and he is just opposite of me, everything is going just well but the problem is that whenever I confront him for even minor issue he says i like to fight that’s why I confront him with these things. He never apologies right away and takes hours in doing so meanwhile my frustration starts growing even more and then I fight and tell very hurtful things and we have a very bad fight. Sometimes i think i should break up because i have very high expectations like i should be the only one important in his life, he should inform me wherever he is and about what he is doing i feel like even when we are not talking i should know that ohh he is doing this that’s why he is not talking to me rn. I wanna know what I m doing is wrong? I know I have high expectations and i get hurt because of that. But we fight at issues like calling after waking up, if he is busy all day long then i should know where he is, he should not let me sleep when i am angry he should make it up to me, he should apologies right away whenever he is angry, he should not avoid fights.
I don’t know if you got what i wanna say … but please let me know that is it a valid reason that i wanna break up if my expectations are not met but he is a great guy because he care for me, brings me flowers, helps me in studies, only flaw he has is that he doesn’t accepts that he is wrong. So should i become understanding that if he has not called me all day and there is no text tooo. or should i leave him?

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Until unless he is loyal to you and honest with you, you don’t need to have a breakup option. Thinking about him is good, bứt don’t expect that he should miss me too when i am missing him. Man loves his woman more than her expectation if he is loyal with her but some don’t show that love and some do. Don’t break up just because he doesn’t show

oops @whodis

yeaaa, you got it right I feel like he should miss me whenever we are not in contact same as i miss him. I feel like I am very clingy.


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